Priyadarshini name astrology

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Ambica Goddess Parvati. Ambu Water; Beautiful. Ambuda Cloud. Ameesha All Coming Together.

Priyamana thozhi serial in hindi name dictionary

Amisha Most Beautiful. Amishi Very Sweet; Pure. Amita Limitless. Amitha Unique. Amithi Immeasurable. Amiti Boundless.

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Amlika Tamerind. Ammulu Mother. Amneet Believe in Peace. Amoda Happiness. Amodini Happy Girl; Joyful; Pleasurable. Amogha Fruitful. Amolika Priceless.


Amoolya Precious. Amreen Pray; Powerful and Complete. Amrita Immortality; Nectar; Cute. Amritha Nectar; Art; Immortality. Amriti Height and Beautiful; Sensitive. Amrusha Sudden. Amrutha Nectar. Amshula Sunny. Amuda Sweetest Food. Amukta Can't be Touched; Precious. Amuktha Free from the World. Amulya Priceless; Valuable; Precious.

Amulyaa Very Precious. Amvi A Goddess.

Anagi Valuable. Anala Fiery; Goddess of Fire. Anandi Always Happy; Joyful; Unending. Anantha Endless; Eternal. Ananti Gift.

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Anantya Endless; Eternal. Anathi Modest; Respectful; Joyful; Peaceful. Anava It is the State of Consciousness of the Ego. Anavika A Figure. Anchal The Decorative End of a Sari. Anchala One End of Saree which is Free. Anchita Honoured; Worshipped. Ancika Beautiful; Graceful.

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Andal Female Saints Name. Anemone Type of Flower; Wind. Angaja Daughter of Aja. Angana An Suspicious or Handsome Woman. Angira Mother of Birhaspati. Angoori Grape. Anhithi Gift; Donation; Loan. Ania Grace. Aniha Indifferent; Unwillingness. Anilaja Related to God. Anishka Who has Friends; No Enemies.

Anita Grace; Leader. Anitha Grace; Favour. Aniya Searching; Creative. Anjana Mother of Lord Hanuman. Anjika Blessed.

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When conducting business with people, find equilibrium between excitement and aggressive behaviour. The initial S stands for my name and N stands for my husband's name. Deaarshi Goddess Lakshmi. Jagrati Awakening. Bhawna Feelings; Emotions; Sentiment; Thinking.

Anjini Mother of Hanuman. Anju One who Lives in the Heart; Blessing. Anjusha Hanuman's Mother Name.

How to pronounce Priyadarshini?

Find detailed meaning, origin, gender, rashi, nakshatra, zodiac signs, moon signs , religion, caste, lucky number, lucky color, lucky stone, lucky day, ruling hours. Priyadarshini meaning - Astrology for Baby Name Priyadarshini with meaning Delightful to look at; Dear to the sight; Lovely. This name is from the Bengali;.

Ankitha With Auspicious Marks. Annada Goddess Durga. Annisa Friendly. Annula Add Meaning. Anogna Doughter of Vardhaman Mahaveer. Anokhi Unique; Special. Anoohya Unexpected; Massive. Ansha Portion.

Anshita A Part of Tree. Ansho More Portion. Anshu Sun Rays; Sun; Patience. Ansika Beautiful. Antini Living in a Hermitage. Anuga A Companion. Anugna Order. Anuksha Every Moment. Anula Not Wild; Gentle. Anulata One with Very Slim Figure.

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Anuloma Sequence. Anumati Consent. Anumeha After the Rain.

Anumita Love and Kindness. Anunita Disciplined. Anupa Pond. Anurati Consent. Anurita Glamorous. Anuroop Worthy of; Befitting; Lovely.