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The last time Chiron entered Aries, about 50 years ago, there was an ethos in society much more supportive of people doing their thing, pushing personal limits and daring to enter the territory of change; of their personal unknown, come what may.

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Today, these things are all but unthinkable. True, there was plenty of cultish bullshit afoot at that time, though there was, at least, the space to experiment and to grow in a bold way. There were some talented and daring therapists teaching and in practice, and useful forms of group process being developed. Many authors were writing with the intention of helping people awaken. Today, we have psychiatric medication, a near-total lack of qualified by which I mean competent and daring therapy, and just about every influence being related to consumerism.

There was one other crucial difference. In the late s, there was a cultural ethos that allowed for sexual experimentation. Not everyone was into it. We could speculate about who was and was not sincere though that would be guessing. Yet at the time there was the potential to find places in society, and to find many people, who were challenging the status quo of the day. Today, nearly every factor strives to interfere with just this, and there are potentially serious consequences if there is some kind of a mishap, or someone broadcasts their personal agenda into the interwoven world of the internet.

Today, what is permitted is self-concept and tribal identity, which are being driven by robotics. We might say that these qualities are set within an environment of robotics and artificial thought, though the effect is the same. Whatever we might say about the social milieu of our age, one thing we cannot deny is that every social interaction, including the full amorous and erotic spectrum of experience, is run through the robot. This has many effects, including absolutely no privacy whatsoever.

It seems that for many people, the internet is the only way to meet people, which may be convenient but it bypasses all of the pheromone and hormone levels of interaction, and all other non-visual and non-verbal cues, and the body language that so often attracts us to others — and replaces it with something else. I might not dwell on this so much had the now-waning but still very much alive Uranus-Eris conjunction not occurred in Aries — however, it did. Uranus-Eris is the very sigil of the broadcast age and the digital age in one cycle.

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You will need to assess the influence of this on your existence, your experience of your body, your experience of your intellect and how you relate to others — individually and in groups. This calls for real self-awareness. Remember yourself 20 years ago: what you did, what you felt, what you thought was possible, what you thought was appropriate, who you related to and how — and compare that to yourself now. That will give you a clue the trajectory involved. You can use another metric: what is the state of your curiosity today? How boldly do you explore yourself and the world — having nothing whatsoever to do with social media platforms, or the internet?

We have a distorted idea of what brave and dangerous mean today. Now, Chiron is about to enter Aries for eight years, after having made a brief visit last year. This has personal implications for you, and for your experience of the world. It is also the demarcation of a new era of your life, which in fact began last spring.

Of note, you have also just been through seven years of Uranus in your sign. This has come along with the jolts and surprises for which Uranus is famous. The relief of Chiron will be its ability to focus, and its property of grounding. You can afford to slow down a little, too.

Indeed, you must. The environment — its features and qualities — tends to hang out below the level of liminality: the threshold of awareness. This sense of, or fear of, inundation is the incentive to not pay attention; and it is tempting, particularly with so much pain and chaos available to perceive.


Romance is in full swing in April , when the passing of Venus through Aries brings sensuality, thirst for love, a great seduction power, luck, and harmony in the life of the couple. Bottom line: If Saturn and Pluto are not involved with these personal points, you have less to worry about because Saturn and Pluto are more tangential to the main course and point of your life. Hence it is imperative that you conserve energy. Maybe you have to sacrifice a short-term advancement or gains for the sake of long term goals, in weighing what you really want to do with your life. Competitive sports provide a release for you. Sign in New User? The notion that you might want to be a better guitar player does not need to come with judging yourself for not playing the way you want to.

Imagine you woke up one morning able to perceive all that you had never perceived before, or only caught glimpses of. That is one probable effect of Chiron. This is not a one-time event but rather a journey, in consciousness and through the world. The first full year of this transit, and whatever may have unfolded last year related to Chiron or to Mars retrograde, are worth taking under close advisement.

Early in its run through Aries, Chiron is making aspects to two slow-moving outer planets that in many ways represent defining concepts of our time in history. They are Pholus and Salacia. Pholus is now very early in its run through Capricorn, and Salacia is early in its run through Aries. The two will basically travel in a perpetual square through their respective signs, and then change signs together in So this will be a power source, or source of chaos, operating behind everything for decades.

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It would make sense now to set some parameters, and some intentions, and to have a vision for how to use this rather unusual aspect pattern. By the way, in all my studies, I have never seen a transiting square that lasts for decades. In astrology, events gain influence by their rarity and, often, their duration. In effect, Pholus and Salacia are now united as one factor, one element.

What these planets represent is worth a bit of reflection.

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Pholus is a centaur planet, the second discovered after Chiron. Unlike its immediate predecessor, whose action is usually slow and meticulous, Pholus is reactive, and events tend to develop fairly quickly under its influence. One action of Pholus is to uncork the pressure.

Whatever develops can be precipitated by something that is subtle, seemingly insignificant, or catalytic.

Salacia, mythological forebear to the word salacious , seems packed with lust and longing and immaturity. Salacia could be great fun, where people are informed and have some grounding in their sexuality. What you identify as is not the operative factor; what you do and how you feel is. However, we live in frantic, ignorant times, where many young people are still inflicted with abstinence indoctrination as were many people expected to function as adults today.

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Aries Horoscope predicts that it's up to you when it comes to how you live January will be an excellent time for the Arians to start a new venture. Get your free yearly Aries horoscope and Aries astrology of every month such as January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September.

We live in times of vast pent-up sexual energy. If you can feel it, whether within you or around you, you know what I mean.

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This is an energetic state, and socially, there are strictures restrictions, rules, panic attacks coming from all directions. There is the influence of robotics, from Tinder to porn feeds. Can you blame anyone? Combined with the prevailing disembodied state of the planet, that rarely ever seems like a good idea.

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Yet this aspect is holding the power of a bomb. The tension is going to need to go somewhere. Now, consider that Chiron will be passing through this setup over the next year beginning immediately in February , bringing matters into awareness, perhaps to crisis level. Individually, for you, this is describing the nature of your awakening: what its constituents are, and how much energy is contained in it. There is no way to be a mature and functioning adult without being able to relate in a level way with other mature, functioning adults, and this is impossible without a mature approach to sexuality.

This whole scenario represents a significant part of Chiron in Aries for you, a kind of initiation at the beginning of the transit where you go through some kind of test — and gain confidence as a result.

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Referring back to Jupiter conjunct Saturn in Aquarius, this conjunction specifically describes a rare development of social confidence. There is the question of the social acceptability of individuating. This is where you must not falter or yield. You are in the vanguard.

You will be getting the first and most potent infusion of Chiron, and you are already under the influence of Salacia. Said another way, conformity is not an option. And part of the key to the lock will be gaining a deeper understanding of, and trust of, your sexuality. This is elemental to your life and your relationships, like the blood coursing through your veins.

Old material comes up, and new territory must be explored. We need teachers who have been through the process, and have emerged successfully. What you are looking for are people who are loving and open-minded, and who do not live their lives driven by dogma. One necessary element of a valid teacher is courage. Seen one way, Chiron passing through the Pholus-Salacia square is calling on you to express your passion.

You are alive, you have your purpose, you have your desires, and you still seek your freedom. You will get clear messages that present you with options to make changes. Those changes need to be engaged with action rather than merely in principle. Ethics is a topic of prime importance where Chiron is concerned, and needs to be a correspondingly urgent place to focus your awareness and action.

Should you evade that, then the next step is typically a kind of breakdown of a system in your life: a support system, financial system, your health, a relationship, a business. Be assured that nearly every element of our cultural milieu will give you at least some resistance, including people you consider your friends. Your choice to grow and mature will threaten all those who do not choose to do so. None of this can stop you. It must not. Summon your wisdom, and get ready to get real.

Our planned destination on this journey is the alignment of late the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in the first degree of Aquarius.

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The chart presents a picture of you having found your place in the world, in your community and in your profession. This is a place of responsibility and of creative action, in that order. Yet to get there, you will need to go through an initiation in the 10th house, described by the movement of Saturn and Pluto, which form a conjunction in early on Jan.