Leo weekly horoscope march 3 2020

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My appearance tells the world that I respect this blessed vehicle that is gracious enough to get me around. I honor my physical needs as I know this is a way of honoring my emotional and spiritual ones as well. Truth arises out of quiet moments. It can be as powerful as an earthquake in its shattering resonance but it comes from a quiet, still place.

This week offers more quiet than the last one. I encourage you to use it for a moment of personal integration and synthesis. You may well feel a real financial shift but you could also get a lesson in good old-fashioned self esteem.

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I know, eye roll. How do we find self esteem in the face of a world that loves only the white, skinny, able-bodied, straight, conforming Barbie and Ken? If we rely, even for a moment, on the props of the material world we have lost our way spiritually. We have to spend the time making our way back.

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So it looks like the trick for you this week is to give the middle of it up to the currents that be. Keep it close this weekend.

Leo Horoscope 2020 Predictions

Truth lives here and also all the knowing I will ever need. All I need to do is listen like my life depends on it, because it does. These past eight months should have brought you a tremendous amount of energy. This is in large part due to that fact that Jupiter has been in your sign. You are not your job, your status or your title. These things in part define you because they reflect either your choices or your options. However you are, we are something so much deeper than all of that. We are also that unchanging, boundless, energetic force that birthed all of creation. We are THAT.

Everything else is just part of an elaborate costume we are trying on for a moment, a very important one, but a moment nonetheless. This new moon gathers light and therefore growing power, through your career and friendship houses this week. It is brimming with energy to use towards these endeavors. Keep outlining the projects you want to accomplish but know that the ruler of your career house, Mars, just went retrograde in your fourth house of home, roots and family.

This means that it may not be the easiest time for you to put big projects forward if you can give it ten! It also means that it may be a challenging time that feels all sorts of ungrounded. Weekly Mantra: I arrive in this moment, fully, especially during the times when all I want to do is disappear. I simply ask myself to feel my feet, to feel my body, to know where I am in time and space. I take up the space that is mine to take up.

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Your Birthday Year Forecast: This can be a year in which you are bolder, more assertive, and energetic. Until June, you need to pay more attention because you will encounter some blockages and obstacles, this is why determination and hard work are necessary in order to overcome them. Start practicing healthy boundaries. Weekly astrology indications can give a single idea about supportive planetary positions for the week to propose your intentions. The couple relationship is more peaceful with changes occurring in the fall. At times you may receive monetary benefits for almost no efforts, but it will flow out with equal ease.

Because I do I am able to offer my silence, my carefully weighed words, and my explosive humor. Because I am both mindful and playful I feel at ease. Sitting with the anxiety that this lack of control can cause is formidable at times and unmistakable once we get keen to spying it.

What if no one ever had to make you feel ok again? We do not take into account their actual personality or soul. We easily get addicted to the rush we feel when we are in their presence. Those of you with major crushes will have a great opportunity to check their foundations. Seeing who we are attracted to and why is a fascinating study of our psychological make-up. Weekly Mantra: As I clean up my expectations of others I am better able to focus my energy on my work in the world. I am awake to the powerful, erotic energy that is present when I am with certain someones.

I enjoy it as well as take care of myself by not letting it run my life into the ground. I say this while knowing full well that we have been talking for a while about how much you have been expanding in this area of your life. However we can only expand so much before having to release some of the excess bloating- not everyone that you have picked up along the way is meant to stay. This may be an entirely self-selecting process where social situations naturally alter themselves. Folks in your community may start to increasingly look to you for answers and you may find yourself in increasingly interesting situations where you are asked to take the lead.

Take it. The other piece to put in your pocket for the coming weeks is more about acknowledgement than anything else. I know it can be fun to berate oneself about how things have not been done, done well or done on time. In order to combat some of your sneakier self-defeating ways I want you to do the following; Every night I want you to write a list of 5 things that you did well, things you took care of, things that you followed up on or anything else that will help your life function. Then I want you to email it to yourself and just glance at it in the morning as your own kind of self-affirming mantra.

Weekly Mantra: Today I will accomplish many little tasks with great ease. TCB makes me feel sexy, confident and powerful, I sweetly serve my day and it affectionately serves me back.

Your usual mode of connecting and initiating relationships has changed, because you have, momentarily that is. They are also about body , what it needs, what it craves, what it is sustained by.

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You may all of a sudden crave a steak, rare. You may all of a sudden don a black leather biker jacket and get a motorcycle to match. You may want to disconnect from the ones you always connected to or they may from you. The point is to be willing to grow spiritually because of the circumstances that dog you; they are there for a reason. I suggest doing things that will cool down your inner inferno and water the parts that are drying out.

Drink water with mint when you get flustered or put a little mint essential oil on the soles of your feet. Think of cool marble or metal or your favorite body of water. Eat avocados, coconut oil and cut way back on sugar and caffeine and see it helps.

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Go to soothing environments, places that help you remember a state of calm and wellbeing when you start to run on fumes. Your ruling planet, Venus, changes signs moving into the pleasure motivated Fifth House, making it essential that you enjoy some part of yourself. Weekly Mantra: I honor my natural abilities to work with and co-create with other.

Meanwhile I will continue maintaining and developing my emerging need for boundaries that up until now I may not have known about. The most grounding astrological force yes, we are still talking about Saturn in your sign is with you and will be for the next year, though as of December onward it will start to leave periodically.

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So the question is have you become more grounded? Are you able to mostly stay in the day without jumping hither and thither to the future and the past? Are you able to say to yourself, just for today I will not anger or worry or regret? Just for today I will earn my living honestly and show gratitude to all living things? I will respect the things about my elders that I can respect? I will honor the lineage I come from by showing up for this day promising to enter it one step at a time?

Have you come to terms with showing up more consistently? Have you taken up the charge to be your own boss, your own author and do you practice calling your energy back into your body on a daily basis? Every night and possibly every morning before you sleep or start your day put your hands on your belly and scan yourself. Are there parts of you still lingering with others?

This week may start quiet—but we're on the brink of something big!

Are there parts of you that are leaps and bounds ahead of you? Try to still yourself and be the master of your own energy by calling back every single particle of your being back into your body, into your own energy field.

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Keep calling it in until you feel like you have fully collected yourself. You may find that your philosophy on life starts to collect itself into a cohesive concoction. Something may make sense for a change especially if you are able to apply the first part of this horoscope to your daily routine. By Tuesday the New Moon is gathering light through the section of your chart that deals with relationships and will be there until Thursday evening.

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Leo love horoscope 2020: A little goes a long way

Your Leo horoscope is authentic because of planetary transits to Leo Sign. March 15 to July 10 – Saturn opposite your decan can bring challenges and barriers to progress. At times . Monthly Leo Horoscope Decan 3. Horoscope News: Check your weekly horoscope predictions.

Think before you act, but do be ready to invest, lop off debt, change your lifestyle, have surgery, or get close and comfortable with a delicious person. Higher-ups look on you favourably for the next 3 weeks and for the next 12 months but complications remain until May, Social joys, friendly romance and entertainment come, too.

Withdraw to ponder, rest and plan Tues. All goes well, esp. Your energy and pizzazz shoot upward Thurs. Give a major portion of your energy to career, other ambitions. Love and legal success Thurs.