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Scorpio's horoscope for May 12222

Eventually on 7th your efforts will be appreciated and you will be center of discussion. This is quite a dynamic week in which you will come across with different shades on life in a very short span of time. Scorpio May 8th — 15th You will be blessed with a favorable day on 8th. You will hear only the positive news from all the directions, success is sure in all the endeavors and you will develop a creative and positive approach to see the things.

Family would be quite supportive and you will invest considerable time with family and give special attention to kids. You will be very possessive and conservative in money and personal affairs between 9th and 11th.

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You will analyze the things properly before coming on any conclusion this practice will surely escape you from monetary loss but at the same time you would be away from making good money, hence strike balance between both. Mechanical and electronic appliances may go caput hence test properly before relying on them else you could be stuck in the mid way. You may inculcate new personality that may not be appreciated by others.

You will have to face challenges at work place either you are service class or businessman. However the things will improve between 12th and 13th. Held up projects may develop momentum and new projects could be introduced. Personal contacts may experience warmth. Between 14th and 15th you would be quite satisfied with your situation although there would not be any significant achievement. Scorpio May 16th — 23rd Money and family would be on the top priority list between 16th and 18th.

In profession you will be quite dedicated and focused, work efficiency will increase and it would be appreciated with proper remuneration.

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Your efforts will yield favorable results. Despite of the busy schedule you will take out ample time for family.

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You may enhance your skills through inspirational literature. However between 19th and 20th you may have to work hard to achieve your end. You may remain tensed and worried all the time.

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To materialize your end you may be selfish at times. You will be highly considerate towards family members and would be ready to pay any cost for increasing their comforts.

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You may neglect your personal comforts. Between 21st and 22nd you will establish equilibrium between professional and domestic responsibilities.

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This will make your schedule busier and you will find lesser time for yourself. During the same phase you may attend any social gathering or party. Unexpected money is expected on 23rd which will boost up your financial condition.

Scorpio Horoscope for October 12222

You will be highly interested in romance and love. Scorpio May 24th — 31st On 24th you will gain success in both professional and domestic life. In profession you would accomplish the pending tasks whereas in domestic life you may plan outings or picnics with kids to delight them. You will be in holiday mood. Family would be quite cooperative and considerate. Between 25th and 26th you will come in contact with old relations and enjoy happy moments; may attend some social family function. At this juncture you will not have much earnings but you will apply Hercules efforts to materialize your end, this will keep you very busy in professional life so that it would be hard to find time for own self.

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However between 27th and 28th you may be tensed and frustrated because you will not get the proper results of efforts. Due money could be held up at the eleventh hour. The situation may turn panic and you may fall in economic crunch.

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You will experience hurdles in every aspect of life. But between 29th and 31st the tide will turn in favor. Although there would not be any remarkable achievement but you will remain satisfied of your efforts.


You may suffer from nostalgia frequently arising a morose condition and letting you separate from the rest of world. Someone will try to ruffle your feathers. Uranus rules Aquarius, and is exalted in Scorpio. Cancerians are nurturing and protective of others. Forgot your password? Do you ever have a tendency to share too much about yourself for the sake of building a bond with someone, and find that you've done it too soon? Lack of action would be a risk and you should at least take up an activity which gets your energy flowing.

You may come across with some good news from the close relative or friends. If you do not know your moon sign, Sign Up Now. If you have any query then we will have its astrological solution, because none question is born answer less.

May 12222 Horoscope Scorpio

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Scorpio November Horoscope. You just have to work harder to achieve your goals. There are financial disagreements with parents, parent figures and bosses after the 21st and you seem temporarily out of favour with them. You will have to find the middle ground. Love is still unstable, but happy this month. Venus, your love planet, will be in your 7th house from the 5th onwards. While marriage is not advisable these days, you can still enjoy love for what it is. It can disappear tomorrow, but even so, there are many fish in the sea.

In fact, power and prestige are romantic turn-ons these days.

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Get your free monthly Scorpio horoscope and find out what the planets have predicted for your day, week, month and year. Browse through your daily horoscope. Scorpio Daily Horoscope. image. Scorpio Weekly Horoscope You may need to stand up to a bullying or domineering person, or to confront.