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Neech Bhanga Raj Yoga-Ultimate Guide for Rags to riches Yoga in Vedic Astrology

A planet in debilitation in horoscope can create lot of adverse effects to the native. Neechbhang or cancellation of debility is a very critical element of At the same time, there are a few exceptions to this astrological rule i.

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Neech Bhang or in its own house or aspects the ascendant, there is raja yoga. What is Neech Bhang Raj Yoga? Neechbhanga Raj Yoga is one of the most misunderstood Rajyoga.

नीच भंग राज योग (Neech Bhang Raja Yoga) - Vedic Astrology - हिंदी (Hindi)

In Vedic astrology associations the planets form or variations of how they are placed in the chart are referred to as Raja Yoga is formed by a planet of a kendra house together with a planet of a triconal house. Neecha Bhanga Raja Yoga. Of course, as the slogan goes "first the nichha, then the bhanga".

Meena-Budha of Theory of Relativity Albert Einstein obtains nichha-bhanga and gives marvelous results. According to B. A Catechism of Astrology. Part II, page 33 the dosha-reversal rules are a little easier:. Q: "How do debilitated planets get their neechhabhanga cancellation of debility? What are the general and special rules to find out the same? A: Debilitated planets get their Neechha Dosha removed in four ways: If the lord of the sign occupied by the debilitated planet or the lord of the rashi wherein the debilitated planet has its exaltation occupies a quadrant from the Ascendant or the Moon.

If the lord of the navamsha of the debilitated planet occupies a quadrant or a trine from the Moon, and the Moon and Lagna happen to be in Chara or moveable signs, or lagna navamsha happens to be moveable.

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If two or three or four planets happen to be debilitated but occupy good Shastyamshas or favorable and good Navamshas or exalted Navamshas, the evil arising from debilitation will not come to pass. If the debilitated planet has good Ashtakavarga strength, then again the same can be told.

Only when the planet has no varga strength Saptha-vargas as Hora etc. Part II, p. No, the neechhabhanga planet must be sufficiently strong. There are other sources of strength and if the planet is otherwise strong, there will be neechhabhanga. A : Two sets of rules for cancellation of debility or nichha-bhanga, according to two authorities Dr. Frawley and Shri Raman , are posted above. So far as I know, the simple fact of a nichha graha obtaining its uttama rashi in navamsha does not create a full nichha-bhanga reversal of the nichha Dosha.

If the nichha graha meets even one of Shri Raman's conditions, the dosha is much relieved. However, the absence of a handicap does not immediately parlay into the presence of a praiseworthy characteristic. With a full nichha-bhanga, the nichha graha not only causes no polarizing catalysis , but also the original liability becomes a powerful asset in one's social career.

It is common for nichha graha to have various measures of reduced neechcha or limited liability due to favorable conditions for that graha in other views, e.

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Raman says that of the lord of the nichha graha's occupied house occupies a kendra from lagna or from Chandra, then the nichha dosha is removed. Raman is correct -- as he nearly always is!

Nevertheless, the full nichha-bhanga wherein the liability becomes an amazing positive similar effect to Viparita Raja Yoga but a different planetary cause only occurs when Dr. Frawley's conditions are met. Q: Can't I get a nichha-bhanga via drishti from the nichha graha's lord? I have a nichha-Mangala which receives the glance of Professor Chandra.

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I feel that I should get a NB or at least a raja yoga from this beneficial glance of Chandra to Mangala. A: There can be a reduction of debility per Frawley's rules above, and you will get all the financial benefits of Chandra-Mangala yoga since Mangala is in However, the nichha condition of Mangala will not be eliminated simply via receiving drishti from its lord, particularly considering Mangala's involvement with Rahu-Ketu. It's true that Mangala benefits somewhat from occupying a kendra from Chandra and via incoming drishti from Chandra.

However Chandra is weakened yuti Ketu. Neecha Bhanga Raj Yoga. Shubh Muhurat for Marriage in Vedic astrology. Kendra Trikona Raj Yoga. Ascendant Characteristics. Parivartan or Mutual Exchange Yoga. Manglik Dosha or yoga.

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Einstein's explanation of the new scientific paradigm based on time as the fourth dimension were so simple and clear that eventually most educated people became adherents of the new paradigm and were able to think objectively about dimensional physics. A single look at a debilitated planet in a horoscope frightens everyone without understanding the fact that there could be possible cancellations for it. If the planet lord is debilitated and the planet lord is exalted are in the center. Neechabhanga happens by way of the above conditions. Similarly If the Debilitated planet is conjunct with an Exalted Planet, it will draw energy from the exalted Planet and overcome its weakness due to Debilitation.

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Neecha Bhanga(नीच भंग)/ Cancellation of Debility:

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