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Share a secret or show some vulnerability.

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Authenticity is your key to success. Today, you can take a giant lunge in a radiant direction, thanks to the motivational mashup of disciplined Saturn and the Sun in your healthy-living realm. It's possible that you're in the mood to take on the world today. Seeing the things before they happen can really make you take intel What prompted you to covet thy neighbor, so to speak? You will convince others to agree with your clever, creative ideas. Whatever the situation in their family, these special individuals could have trouble fitting in, often feeling vulnerable and alone even when they are in their most sociable mood.

If they pass your test, you may have found a friend for life. Go with the flow, and remember that the time you spent on whatever you were doing was not wasted. You learned, grew, and the insight will serve you well.

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CANCER (June 22 - July 23). There is no point getting involved in a war of words because the planets warn this is a battle that neither side can. Daily Horoscopes: February 7, Feb 6 , pm The moon in fellow water sign Pisces asks you to look at the big picture today, Cancer, as the sun.

Flexibiliy is key. You may want to do too much on your own, but taking everything on can backfire. Delegating to others, especially at work, is key.

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Use that talent more often! Get to know this in-between space. Become comfortable in it.

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Where is this stress coming from? What does this decision mean to you? You like to only share with your inner circle, but in this instance, an acquaintance may be just as powerful as a sounding board.

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